Fund Our Communities: Goals and Objectives

1.  Reduce Military Spending and Pentagon Waste at least 25%

We will advocate to:
• Reduce military spending by at least $1 trillion over ten years through sensible, targeted cuts and move the money to meet domestic needs.
• Audit the Pentagon and eliminate the current egregious level of waste.

• Rebalance the federal budget to divest from weapons production we don't need and invest in the low carbon economy we do need.

2. Fund Our Communities critical needs

We will:
• Work with other local advocates to educate the public, demonstrate and advocate for preserving essential programs and services.

• Help gather local information and data about needs and effect of cuts. 

3. Provide Transition Assistance for communities, industries and workers dependent on defense contracts  
We will:
• Support legislation for an Ohio economic futures commission to develop diversification strategies based on the Connecticut model;
• Support legislation for federal Defense Transition Assistance planning and funding including diversification planning, job-retraining, technical assistance, technology transfer and finance.
• Inform public officials of available Pentagon funding through the Office of Economic Adjustment.
• Develop regional support for DTA by affected businesses, business organizations and public officials.

4. Make Individual and Corporate Taxation More Fair (return to 1950s levels)

We will:

• Advocate to close tax loopholes and end or reduce deductions for wealthy individuals and corporations.