Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund

Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization.  The Education Fund provides financial and staff support for specific educational programs within Cleveland Peace Action. The two organizations combine in a Joint Executive Committee and together they oversee Fundraising and Membership programs. 


Donors to Cleveland Peace Action or the Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund are members of both organizations, as well as the national Peace Action organization.  Donations to  Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with a letter, to document the gift for tax purposes.


We currently have one part-time staffer, a Coordinator. We have a membership of about 400 people who have donated funds or volunteered in the past year. We mail a newsletter four times per year to approximately 1750 people.


Contact the Education Fund's Managing Director Elizzabeth Schiros to find out how you can get more involved.


The Board is elected at an Annual Meeting, typically held in the winter.


Cleveland Peace Action Education Fund Board:


Officers: one-year term beginning 3/16/16

Francis Chiappa, Co-President  

Nina McLellan, Co-President 

Rosemary Palmer, Vice President

Dena Magoulias, Treasurer

Bill Fickinger, Secretary


Two-year term beginning 2/25/15

Francis Chiappa

Bill Fickinger

Jeff Kassouf

Dena Magoulias

Nina McLellan

Rosemary Palmer


Two-year term beginning 3/16/16

Don Bryant

Carla Carter Lovejoy

Chantal Dothey

Shirien Muntaser

Lynne Rustad


Contact us at 2595 W. 14th St., Suite 109, Cleveland, OH 44113